Detailing World WV: Grand Opening of Auto Detailing Supplies Store

Detailing World WV Grand Openinig Day Jun 17th

The automotive industry has always been a major part of American culture, and car enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products to keep their rides looking pristine. For car owners in Fairmont, West Virginia, there's a new store in town that's sure to pique their interest: Detailing World, West Virginia is here.

Detailing World, WV, is a car detailing supply store that stocks a wide range of products for both professional detailers and DIY car enthusiasts. From car wash soap and wax to tire shine and interior cleaning supplies, Detailing World, West Virginia, has everything a car owner needs to keep their ride looking its best.

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Detailing World WV: Grand Opening in West Virginia

On April 17th 2023, the official day of the grand opening, the store was buzzing with excitement as car enthusiasts from all over the Fairmont area came to check out the new store. The store's interior was in great condition, with neatly arranged shelves showcasing all of the various detailing products. All the staff on hand were friendly and knowledgeable, eager to answer any questions customers had about the products on offer.

The grand opening was a huge success, and the store's owners, Tony and Devanna Corley, were thrilled with the turnout. "We've had an amazing response from the community," they said. "We're really excited to be able to offer such a wide range of products and education to car owners in Fairmont, and we're confident that our store will become a hub for detailing enthusiasts in the local area."

Owners of Detailing World, West Virginia, Tony and Devanna Corley were both born and raised in Fairmontand are both first generation college students who grew up in coal mining families. They were high school sweethearts that now strive to make a better tomorrow for their family especially with their family business serving all car owners in the local community.

Where is Detailing World, West Virginia?

The brand new Detailing World store is located at:2600 Middletown Commons Dr, Suite. 246 Fairmont, WV 26554.  There’s plenty of parking and our new store has everything you need to get professional level detailing results. Whether you are a pro level detailer or a stay at home DIY detailing enthusiast, we’ve got you covered!

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What sort of detailing products can you find at Detailing World, West Virginia?

Detailing World, West Virginia is a one-stop-shop for all car detailing needs, offering a wide range of products and supplies to keep your car looking clean and pristine. Some of the products you can find at Detailing World, West Virginia, include:

Car Wash Soap: Detailing World, WV, carries a variety of car wash soaps that are specially formulated to safely remove dirt and grime without damaging the paint or clear coat on your car.

Wax and Polish: For that extra shine and protection, Detailing World, WV, stocks a range of waxes and polishes that will give your car's paintwork a deep, rich gloss and long-lasting protection against the elements.

Tire Shine: Make your tires look like new with tire shine products available at Detailing World, WV. They have different types of tire shine products to choose from, including spray-on or gel-based.

Interior Cleaners: From leather conditioners to fabric cleaners, Detailing World, WV, has a variety of products to keep your car's interior clean and fresh, removing dirt, stains, and odors.

Detailing Tools: Detailing World, WV, stocks all the tools you need to get the job done right. From microfiber towels and sponges to detailing brushes and applicators, they have everything you need to ensure that every corner and crevice of your car is cleaned to perfection.

We stock all the top brands and manufacturers of detailing equipment including HydroSilex, 3D Car Care, Gyeon, Meguiar’s, Americana Global and many more!

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Where can I find out more info about Detailing World, West Virginia?

If you’re interested in meeting our team and getting some in person advice about the best car care products for your vehicle’s requirements, come on down to our main location to chat with our experts! Our opening hours are Mon-Sat, 8:00am-6:00pm and we are located at2600 Middletown Commons Dr, Suite. 246 Fairmont, WV 26554. Or, you can give us a call on the following number:+1 304-476-9575

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